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Without saying a word, your energy affects others. Body language, the look in your eyes, tone of voice when you do speak. When you aren’t aware of this, you may unintentionally make others feel things you don’t wish them to. The good news is, you can do something about it!

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Grounding/Earthing (Electron Connection) – includes video

“Walk Past the Monster” is dedicated to the continuously supportive people who’ve endured this “with” me.

When first diagnosed with Social Anxiety at age 15, I felt very alone and misunderstood. I badly wanted someone in my life who could fully identify with the symptoms and emotions. Someone who’s “it’ll be ok”, came from having been there them-self.

For them to share keys to unlock my chains.

This blog, is my way of trying to be that for you. Symptoms and triggers can differ, but our emotions and desires are similar. I hope my experiences and epiphanies will help you unlock answers on your Journey!

I also enjoy psychology – how not only can one better them-self, but can discover new aspects to co-exist with others, whatever the case may be. I believe there are answers to everything. They may be difficult to achieve, but the puzzle pieces are all there! As they say – where there’s a will, there’s a way.