Chapter 5: Summary/Currently

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In my mid-30s, I am still strengthening areas when the opportunities arise: How to “be” socially, my confidence, and who I am in terms of personality and life satisfaction.

One of my “more recent” areas of growth, is when I grasped why not to care what certain people think: You have the support of family and friends, plus the facts – who you “aren’t”, and how the immaturity/rudeness of others isn’t on you. Continue being you, and allow the true colours of others to show in time (may just be to people in their life, or public) Take the higher road. It’s a free feeling! You have every right to remain on your Journey, to love yourself, and not get caught up in other’s games.


I’m not totally free of anxiety, but I am worlds away from not being able to walk three blocks from my house! The worst is behind me.

Be-it fast or slow, good change happens if you keep at it. You may not notice right away, and you may have days or even weeks in the beginning where you feel you’ve slid back down to the bottom, but they key is – keep at it – as best you can, when you can. Be a friend to yourself.

Remember your problems are not your identity.

It is possible to have a degree of control over the vibe of situations. You can put a smile on someone’s face, by simply sharing yours and saying Hello. If a person makes you feel bad, it doesn’t mean you deserve it – give yourself permission not to care. Let it lift off of you.

As your anxiety is tweaked and replaced, you will get to know yourself better. Enjoy the excitement of exploration and decisions!

I didn’t want to write this blog until I had every answer to give you! No one ever has every answer.. whether you deal with anxiety, or not. We’re always learning.

May you open the door to your Monster of fears, and find your way past him! Grab hold of your new freedoms. Be patient, stay positive, and know that change is coming. You’re not alone in this world!

Ch 1. / Ch 2. / Ch 3. / Ch 4.  / Ch 5.


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