Clarity and Quality

animatedswirl Honesty
The voice that speaks first, sometimes hidden under self-serving decisions.
It is a key that unlocks human bonds and personal development of true happiness.
Honesty is our hearts deepest desire.
It is the truth seen wherever we look, in the form of respect, and solutions.

animatedswirl Love
Love is an ever-changing hat that fits every moment.
Be it of a newborn baby, or tough love of a friend.
It can be simple, or complex.
Either way, Love promises to be worth the time and effort.
It helps us survive and move forward.

animatedswirl Strength
Doing what you fear, or what you rather not.
Listening to honesty.
It usually results in respect, by those who are honest with themselves.

animatedswirl Yesterday
Memories, good and bad. Lessons. Yesterday belongs to us as we want it to. We can transform because of it, help others by it, be cemented in place. Or all of the above. To remember we’re human, helps seal the past as normal and needed, no matter how unreal it can seem. Exaggerated issues, or squeaking by with barely a scratch.. It’s one degree or another of feelings and chances we all have. Because yesterday also states, that we all start out the same. Fresh. Pure. New.

animatedswirl Today
Today is magic. We can create every second before us. Or run around the corner and see what awaits. It is touch of yesterday’s experience, and tomorrow’s desires.

animatedswirl Tomorrow
It is not a promise. But when it does come, it is an opportunity. New beginnings. Much like our fresh, pure, new beginnings of “yesterday”. A time that will represent the knowledge and struggle of days before it.

animatedswirl Environment
The air we breath, the food we eat… the future of our families.
Our communities, and perhaps vacation spots.
Environment is the bluest ocean. The sweetest breeze.
It is our schools, and neighbourhoods. The space around us, in more ways than one.

animatedswirl Problem Solving
It is solving a problem. Not substituting with a lesser problem.

animatedswirl Unity
It is giving and receiving in this world we share.
As we’d like understanding and support when it comes to be.
So do our neighbours, in their time of need.
As we’d like forgiveness and answers when we fall.
So do others.
Education of needs and reasoning as people with ups and downs.
Unity, is ultimate survival, and ultimate happiness. For you. And I.

animatedswirl Life
It is what we sometimes take for granted.
It is ours both individually, and together as one planet.
Life is full of potential, because we are full of potential.
One person is a start. Additions are morale. Momentum.
Struggles are exercise for our beliefs and determination.
Life is right now. And beyond our own lives.
It is worth our efforts – emotionally and socially.
Life is magic. What it holds, how quickly it comes and goes.
Fragility and strength.
Life is to be respected.
Respect yourself and the successes you’re capable of.

Life is in us, around us, and depends on us for it’s quality and substance.

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