New Views

A collection of topics dealing with self and relationships.
“Shots of Thought” are pages of insight nuggets should you not be that hungry 😉 

Your Vibe is Perfume
Without saying a word, your energy affects others. Body language, the look in your eyes, tone of voice when you do speak. When you aren’t aware of this, you may unintentionally make others feel things you don’t wish them to. The good news is, you can do something about it!

One Life:
When you take one life. You aren’t taking a little piece of life on Earth, you’re taking 100% of that person’s identity. You’re affecting that person’s Family, Friends, and Community.

You are not winning a war.
You are not bettering your one life.
You are creating darkness for them, and for you.

One Life. Many Paths. Final Choice:
This note is inspired by the murders and violence seen daily. I wonder what makes a person ok with killing. How it comes to that, or if they could’ve found a different path mentally.

Where I find Comfort… (you too?):
People. Opportunities. Epiphanies.. We really don’t know what’s around the corner, or what will become of these things. This is worth a read whether your upset personally, or about this world we live in.

Shots of Thought: Clarity and Quality (What is Honesty, Love, Strength, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Environment Problem Solving, Unity, and Life)

Social Anxiety and Insecurity:
When these feelings and thoughts come along so strongly in our daily life, after a while, it’s easy to get lost in the idea that this is how it should be – or all it can be. That is not true. Here are new views to help seek a new (more accurate) you! Who are you really, and where are you going?

To Whom It May Concern: When will people realize what their words and actions create?
How it can sustain like a sour note?

Although, that’s what some want to happen.

Racism Isn’t Reality: I wanted them to prove “who” they killed / Often people break off from what they know pure-heartedly as a child. They make their own rules, some are misguided, angry.. a lot of things can derail an otherwise good human being from the positive path I so believed in. That path is still there…

Racism – Responses and Healing: You don’t just start treating both “equally” and expect things to be hunky dory. The mistreated person has healing to do. Maybe he or she feels anger. Sadness. Isn’t able to trust. They likely still witnesses/experiences disrespect of their race, even though others are treating them well…

Shots of Thought: Getting along, Worldwide.


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