Social Anxiety and Insecurity

Social Anxiety and Insecurity hinder who we are,
and where we can go.

When these feelings and thoughts come along so strongly in our daily life, after a while, it’s easy to get lost in the idea that this is how it should be – or all it can be. That is not true.

Here are NEW VIEWS to help seek a new (more accurate) you!

Think Facts:

What just happened. How serious is it? How should I feel? How should others feel?

We all go through embarrassing moments, disappointment, judgement…
How one deals with it, is the difference between person to person.

Some tend to ride a wave of hurt or sadness, as high as it will take them, for as long as the wave wants. It doesn’t have to be that way. Depending on the situation – it doesn’t have to be as high, or as long.. or at all!

Is what happened, totally abnormal? It’s never ever happened to anyone before?
Is it really something to beat yourself up over? Or for others to use to hurt you?
What good comes from the actions of my last two questions? …. None.

You own you, that’s it.
Others are responsible for their own reputation and karma.
Fact 😉

Think of this – what if you let go of the concern.. of feeling like you have to fix things.
You don’t have to listen to that worry in you. Nor do you have to be perfect!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, to just have one focus?
Just one:

Live happy and the rest will fall into place!

Live for YOU! Give yourself permission not to worry about mistakes or others.
What interests you? (or) What might you do to find out?
What makes you feel good? Useful? What excites you?

The worry. Does zero good.
Others who over-react about, hold onto, or find joy in any mistake of your life?
Should be ashamed (if they’re healthy and bright enough to grasp that) 😛

The good things and good people we wish in our life, will happen if we (refreshingly) “just” live happy.

It’s upsetting to let go of certain people and situations we hold valuable.
Nothing is carved in stone! These people and situations, may re-surface (improved)
Or better people and opportunities may arise that you had no idea existed!

Consider NEW VIEWS. As with the anxiety.. give your mind more to chose from.
Respect yourself, love yourself, guide yourself!
Most importantly: Give yourself a break when you’re human!
How you respond to it internally, makes the difference.


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