Racism isn’t Reality

I was watching “Star” tonight. Part of the story-line involved the unnecessary death of an innocent, loved, black woman.

In my head I wanted badly for a Family member or friend of hers to take everything that “was” her individuality – her family life, loved ones, sense of humour, job, likes, achievements – everything – into a meeting with the Lieutenant; show him or her (with calm factuality, sincere pain,  eye to eye) WHO they really killed. Prove there was nothing to fear and the killing was needless.

Maybe racism turned the police cold, and they wont care.
Getting them to feel past that is worth the try.

In reality.. she wasn’t a threat, nor was she “below” the police. I felt frustration, anger.. that this is still going on these days. Possibly worse!

When I was a kid, I was certain the world would grow brighter with the wonderful things we’d all be learning as time went on. I’ve learned: Often people break off from what they know pure-heartedly as a child. They make their own rules, some are misguided, angry.. a lot of things can derail an otherwise good human being from that path I so believed in.

That path is still there.. under the heavy, dirty logs of abuse. Behind the haze of steady storms that block one’s vision. It’s still there, if we drudge through the muck and detours to re-connect with it. Grow with it. Feel the best of it together.

Back to my original thought: Racism isn’t reality. No one is better than anyone else – even “if” someone hits problems in their life. Time gives us chance. (True) Talking (not yelling/ignoring), gives us understanding. Connection as humans. Life isn’t a video game where a character just drops off the screen.

People forget what the beautiful facets of life really could be.
They forget how to think and care beyond pain and guesses.

Take us all back to before we were broken. Every one of us. The cracks will mend when we reach out our hands and become whole again.

I honestly consider Racism to be a mental illness. It has no use, the beliefs aren’t fact. We have good and bad people within every race. If one suffers from Racism, they shouldn’t be trusted in a position where innocent people could get hurt 💜


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