One Life. Many Paths. Final Choice.

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This post is inspired by the murders and violence seen daily. I wonder what makes a person ok with killing. How it comes to that, or if they could’ve found a different path mentally.

I know it’s possible for people to change mentally (unless biologically ill, eg. schizophrenia) I know this because of the work I’ve done with my social anxiety disorder. The changes my life has seen (good and bad) The power I didn’t know I had. I’m not finished – we never are.

I believe we can educate future generations to handle life much more mindfully. The amount of hate and killing going on is crazy and it doesn’t have to be this way.

It really doesn’t!

The day more people believe this, is the day change begins.
I can’t do it alone. We can do it together.

Our first breath introduces us to the purest we’ll ever be. Parents, community, media, environment; factors mold us. They shape our feelings, therefore our decisions and outcomes.
One life, “mine”, is sometimes the only life we truly see. We make our own rules to get what we want. The problem lies in when “wants” collide.
The truth is, we are not one life. We do live as “we”. There is no escaping that.

It’s easy to see where we’ve been. Paths before us can range from nightmarish to a dream. Both can strengthen or weaken. It depends on our foundation. Our values and education.
Making our own rules while on a rocky foundation, is never planned. It can lie to you, as if it’s happiness – or the happiest you’re capable of. That is the second problem that solidifies clashing lives. It can also create anger or pain. With no desire to care about others.
The lie about happiness – can and needs to be – risen above. That is where the answer
exists in today’s nightmares. Some are so broken that better days are not believable.

Final choices are malleable.
Having a healthy-based destination in mind – be-it emotional or achievement-wise, helps keep your strength and the good aligned. Your present choices, are attached to where you genuinely want to be.
We are not perfect – not a one of us. We are not alone (feeling so IS a lie. You have not met every person on the planet. People who can support you and care) Our lives are not carved in stone. We do not control others, but we can help as best we can (others and ourselves)

What final choices do you want to meet?
How far above the lies of limits and loneliness, can you rise?
Can you see the power you have to change?


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