A way out of Insecurity? (Our Needs)

What fuels your insecurity?
Not enough social media “likes”? How others treat you?
It’s only human to want to be wanted. It’s one of Maslow’s Needs:


When it comes to unintentionally disappointing people I really care about, my insecurity can drop. I suppose many are guilty of that!

So! Let’s take a look at the upper three tiers of our needs and how they mingle.

Love/Belonging, Self-Esteem, and Self-Actualization.

What makes you feel complete? Do you know your passions? Your talents? Do you feel you belong, or have someone trustworthy who wants you for you? Someone you can be vulnerable with emotionally and sexually? How about the reality of your faults – as we all have them. Should we beat ourselves up?

The answer to that last one is, no. Even if you have an addiction that you keep falling back into; if you are trying your best and being honest with yourself and others, you should not beat yourself up. That will not help you.

Other’s are not responsible for the healing change in our emotional state, or some of us would never heal. When we get down on ourselves, we pause our progress, and give off a quiet, unhappy energy.

Making sense of your worth and purposes is where to begin. Forget ALL of the swirling worries. Yes. All! Give yourself permission to let them go (feels good!)

colorfulsquare  Beneficial thoughts to occupy your mind.

You are human:
Not a soul on this planet is perfect! Intended or not, big or small, imperfections are a part of us. Therefore I will repeat, not to beat yourself up.

You are in control:
From letting go of the people and/or thoughts that keep you upset, to deciding how to treat yourself at any given moment, to where you’d like to be 10 yrs from now!

The choices you make now, affect each day that follows. Bad days will happen, but learn not to dwell on them. Nor to hold a grudge (on anything or anyone) as – again – no one is perfect 😉

Should your problems stem from eg. a disorder or abuse, it isn’t easy to find your way out of that foggy existence. The possibility depends on your willingness to love yourself, and keep the attempted progress going. Never see blips or phases of re-surfacing issues as a failure. It does not undo your progress!

When we mush together every factor of negative influence, no wonder it’s hard to see clear. It’s very important to take time for yourself. To step back and view the big picture. To love and respect yourself. This is how you change your life and attract new experiences!

Another helpful tip: If you were witnessing someone you love going through the same problems as you; what advice would you give? We are our own worst critics, especially when we are inside the storm. It feels sometimes like life is too broken to be fixed.

Life is not one long piece of art that turns to rubbish with one defacement. It goes moments at a time. Life is a collection of art! We can change our creativity, our pieces that we show the world. Nothing is carved in stone. We have much more freedom than we realize.



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