Compassion – Full View / Grey Area

Before I get into it, let’s make the subjects clear:

colorfulsquare Com·pas·sion

  1. sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others:
    “the victims should be treated with compassion”
    synonyms: pity · sympathy · empathy · fellow feeling · care · concern · solicitude · sensitivity · warmth· love · tenderness · mercy · leniency · tolerance · kindness · humanity · charity
colorfulsquare Thor·ough

  1. complete with regard to every detail; not superficial or partial:
    “planners need a thorough understanding of the subject”
    synonyms: rigorous · in-depth · exhaustive · thoroughgoing · minute · detailed · close · meticulous · methodical · careful · complete · comprehensive · full · extensive · widespread · sweeping ·


colorfulsquare Grey a·re·a
[ɡrā ˈerēə]
  1. An open range of “direction potential” small facts meeting between hard facts. Pivotable information.

debatable · open to question


Have you noticed a big drop in compassion?
○ Why and how does this happen?
○ What is needed to have compassion?

Small societal changes slide slightly over time, unnoticed. Until one day, we look back and wonder “How did we get here?”. It adds up.

Compassion requires selflessness. It is sensible and responsible to look into a situation fully before judging – especially if it is serious. Maturity also allows one the ability to see what good could, or should have come, for that individual.

There is a disconnect between our fellow man, causing problems that otherwise wouldn’t be. Stress and heartache, worldwide. Our morale, for lack of a better word? Sucks. It only matters “to us”, when it happens “to us”.

The solution is to care for others as we’d like others to care for us if we were treated the same way.
Sad, when that is looked at negatively by grown men and women. Is it considered unnecessary, or soft to some. “I wouldn’t be in that situation.” Maybe not, but that doesn’t’ mean you wont be in one, where others could say the same.

We are different – we live different lives, have different obstacles and circumstances, sometimes from the get-go. If a person is “good”, trying to be, or has the potential to be (known through the details/homework) – why not show them compassion?

If one doesn’t want to do the homework? Simply back away from the subject. Not wanting to show compassion, doesn’t mean you have to do the opposite.

colorfulsquare What makes one constantly cold or cruel?
Selfishness. Immaturity. Laziness. Not wanting to “look” a certain way (eg. soft)

The inability to connect with people emotionally can have a serious affect on relationships (family, dating etc) If you meet with relationship difficulties often, or find people aren’t positive or very close with you, ask yourself if you’re giving enough consideration to draw others into a good place with you. To be “with” people, you have to be considerate of people.

It’s what we ask of our kids? Why let go of something so healthy and right.