Compassion – Full View / Grey Area

Before I get into it, let’s make the subjects clear:

colorfulsquare Com·pas·sion

  1. sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others:
    “the victims should be treated with compassion”
    synonyms: pity · sympathy · empathy · fellow feeling · care · concern · solicitude · sensitivity · warmth· love · tenderness · mercy · leniency · tolerance · kindness · humanity · charity
colorfulsquare Thor·ough

  1. complete with regard to every detail; not superficial or partial:
    “planners need a thorough understanding of the subject”
    synonyms: rigorous · in-depth · exhaustive · thoroughgoing · minute · detailed · close · meticulous · methodical · careful · complete · comprehensive · full · extensive · widespread · sweeping ·


colorfulsquare Grey a·re·a
[ɡrā ˈerēə]
  1. An open range of “direction potential” small facts meeting between hard facts. Pivotable information.

debatable · open to question


Have you noticed a big drop in compassion?
○ Why and how does this happen?
○ What is needed to have compassion?

Small societal changes slide slightly over time, unnoticed. Until one day, we look back and wonder “How did we get here?”. It adds up.

Compassion requires selflessness. It is sensible and responsible to look into a situation fully before judging – especially if it is serious. Maturity also allows one the ability to see what good could, or should have come, for that individual.

There is a disconnect between our fellow man, causing problems that otherwise wouldn’t be. Stress and heartache, worldwide. Our morale, for lack of a better word? Sucks. It only matters “to us”, when it happens “to us”.

The solution is to care for others as we’d like others to care for us if we were treated the same way.
Sad, when that is looked at negatively by grown men and women. Is it considered unnecessary, or soft to some. “I wouldn’t be in that situation.” Maybe not, but that doesn’t’ mean you wont be in one, where others could say the same.

We are different – we live different lives, have different obstacles and circumstances, sometimes from the get-go. If a person is “good”, trying to be, or has the potential to be (known through the details/homework) – why not show them compassion?

If one doesn’t want to do the homework? Simply back away from the subject. Not wanting to show compassion, doesn’t mean you have to do the opposite.

colorfulsquare What makes one constantly cold or cruel?
Selfishness. Immaturity. Laziness. Not wanting to “look” a certain way (eg. soft)

The inability to connect with people emotionally can have a serious affect on relationships (family, dating etc) If you meet with relationship difficulties often, or find people aren’t positive or very close with you, ask yourself if you’re giving enough consideration to draw others into a good place with you. To be “with” people, you have to be considerate of people.

It’s what we ask of our kids? Why let go of something so healthy and right.

Where all of my writings stem.

I write to reach people, who may wish to be reached.
The two places where my writings stem from:
Life, and Psychology.

colorfulsquare Life

No matter your beliefs – religion, personal…
We are all under the same sky. In the same mysterious cosmic dance together.

Having beliefs, does not make, nor dissolve the truth of where we come from. They say “A rose by any other name”, is still a rose. Whatever you think of God, Nature, the Universe, Energy.. it/they are the same for us all. We originate from the same place. We live on the same planet. We breath the same air, under the same sun.

A divide may feel true, but it is not.

Secondly. Should any of these energies of which we came, have the ability to think deeply? Then they know the centuries of confusion spiraling around us as each new generation comes along. Therefore, there is understanding. Humans are not perfect. Our souls are not up front, not with so much confusion in the way.

colorfulsquare Psychology

From birth, our minds are clean.

Take parents, neighbourhoods, TV, school.. there are wonderful things in each, however abuse and such happen that affect our growth and happiness. Our personalities, and our methods of being educated differ.. so the extent of misguidedness can be great. It can also cause a spark, that leads down a road only within that individual’s mind.

It’s hard to help when we don’t realize just where someone is “going”.

The wrong turns our mind takes, do not undo the good we once knew. It’s my belief, that we can get back to beneficial understanding and behaviours. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it can be done. The way back, is there.. “under fallen trees of bad experiences”, catch my drift? Question is.. do you/they want it. It’s for you. For a happiness you forgot, or no longer think is attainable.

My last, and longtime thought on psychology and our future:
At a young age/while we grow… To learn what is good, and how powerful our mind is. The rights of people in general, as people. Learning problem solving and how to think ahead.

colorfulsquare I outlined a course I wouldn’t mind seeing available one day.

Life isn’t totally what is put in front of us. It is also the paths and opportunities we create, sometimes seemingly out of nothing.

Where I find comfort… (you too?)

Sometimes when I’m down, I remind myself of a couple things:

Personally – People. Opportunities. Epiphanies.. We really don’t know what’s around the corner, or what will become of these things…

  • You could be alone one day, feeling grey. The next, you meet someone who awakens the best of you and you start down a new scenic path in your life.
  • You could be on a walk, and have a life-changing epiphany out of nowhere. Maybe doors aren’t open yet for a reason. Or there are doors you had no idea were waiting for you!

Perhaps you’ve lost someone, or another part of yourself (eg. career) It feels like the sun wont ever shine as bright again.

  • Please realize, you’re not alone. Others living in this world have gone through the same loss and pain. Grieve, cry, talk to loved ones, do what you need to, but please don’t give up on surviving. If you lost a person, they’d want you to grieve, and learn to enjoy life again.
  • If you lost a job, or another part of you.. there could be freedom in this situation, rather than a loss. Think about that. Where is the freedom? Can you lead your own career? Alter your lost career into something new? Or find brand new purpose/enjoyment/passion? Keep a look-out for that freedom.

Worldwide – oh boy! Huh? This world just seems nuts these days.

  • What if.. a generation (already here, or not) some day just says “Enough!” “What’s with the stupidity?” “Why do you want things this way?” and changes the future? That is my hope. A big shift from bright-eyed, healthy-minded, warm-hearted, energetic youngsters! Although if I wish it.. others out there must too. Those youngsters will have us as well (while we do what we can now)


Racism – Responses and Healing

Take two people of the same race.

One has been mistreated, disrespected, and possibly abused physically. Maybe they witnessed such acts, or even unnecessary deaths of his or her race.

You don’t just start treating both “equally” and expect things to be hunky dory. The mistreated person has healing to do. Maybe he or she feels anger. Sadness. Isn’t able to trust. They likely still witnesses/experiences disrespect of their race, even though others are treating them well.

This is why we don’t just “stop talking about Racism”. Or any other problem for that matter. It doesn’t go away like that. This is why we shouldn’t respond to anger, sadness or fear by giving up. It’s a process.

People are people, and when a person has been hurt.. they must heal. It takes time, and compassion. Proper conversation. Not everyone heals the same. Not everyone has been through the same abuse. Unfortunately not everyone wants to take time, nor have
compassion. And when they do talk? They only make things worse. Sad to think, that’s what some are going for. They are not “well”, either. Just in a different way.

It’s a complex world out there. Where you can be positive, please be it. Don’t give up on good change. Tomorrow isn’t written and epiphanies do happen.